Helping Your Child
Reach Its Full Potential
BabySparks is an innovative
program that supports early
development through
meaningful play.
Our program includes over 1,300
video-based activities and
developmental milestones.
Available on iOS & Android
in English & Spanish.
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A Daily Customized


Every day, receive 8-10 age-appropriate activities to support all critical areas of your child’s development.

Age is only the starting point:
As you use BabySparks it learns and adapts to your child’s unique development profile.

Tracking Your Child’s


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Our compilation of over 500 developmental milestones & highlights comes from renowned child-development authorities including the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

  • Each of our activities is designed to help your child reach these key developmental milestones while having fun and bonding with you.
  • As you use our program it will automatically measure your child's progress, giving you the peace of mind that everything is fine or raising red flags as early as possible.
  • Get a simple, clear, graphic snapshot of your child's development progress at any time.

Focus on Your
Specific needs

Want to provide extra support for speech, get ideas for beach activities, or encourage efforts to learn to crawl?

You can browse our activities by category, place, or milestones. Whatever your needs we have an activity for it.

Is your baby premature?

BabySparks calculates her adjusted age and adapts its suggested activities accordingly.

A Sneak Peek of

Exposure to Different Textures

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    Sensory (0 – 3 Months)

Rolling – II

  • Image
    Gross Motor (4 – 6 Months)

Object Permanence IV

  • Image
    Cognitive (7 – 9 Months)

Fishing in the bathtub

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    Fine Motor (10 – 12 Months)

The Shape of My Body

  • Image
    Cognitive (13 – 15 Months)


  • Image
    Fine Motor (16 – 18 Months)

Hitting a target – II

  • Image
    Fine Motor (19 – 21 Months)

Jumping Like the Animals

  • Image
    Gross Motor (22 – 24 Months)

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