BabySparks - The Science Behind

Development in the First Months and Years is the Most Important

During this time babies form 1 million new brain connections every second.

The brain eliminates weak connections and strengthens the ones that are reinforced.

This process is called pruning and helps to shape the brain architecture of your child.

Playing the Right Way = Improved Development

Providing your child with a broad range of
meaningful experiences helps reinforce
fundamental brain connections.

What are Meaningful

They can take many shapes and forms. Learning the concept of Serve and Return is a good starting point.

Here’s how Harvard’s Center on the Developing Child defines Serve and Return interactions:

``Serve and return interactions shape brain architecture. When an infant or young child babbles, gestures, or cries, and an adult responds appropriately with eye contact, words, or a hug, neural connections are built and strengthened in the child’s brain that support the development of communication and social skills. Much like a lively game of tennis, volleyball, or Ping-Pong, this back-and-forth is both fun and capacity-building. When caregivers are sensitive and responsive to a young child’s signals and needs, they provide an environment rich in serve and return experiences.``
Center on the Developing Child - Harvard University

Want Some Help?
Here’s where BabySparks comes in.

Our activities were designed by leading child development experts to help you do the right things at the right times in the right ways…

…while spending quality time with your baby.

With only 20 minutes per day you can give your child a gift with lifelong benefits.

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