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Helping Your Child
Reach Its Full Potential
BabySparks is an innovative
program that supports early
development through
meaningful play.
Our program includes thousands of
video-based activities, developmental
milestones, articles & tips.
Available on iOS & Android
in English & Spanish.
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A Daily Customized


Every day, receive 8-10 age-appropriate activities to support all critical areas of your child’s development.

Age is only the starting point:
As you use BabySparks it learns and adapts to your child’s unique development profile.

Tracking Your Child’s


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Our compilation of over 500 developmental milestones & highlights comes from renowned child-development authorities including the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

  • Each of our activities is designed to help your child reach these key developmental milestones while having fun and bonding with you.
  • As you use our program it will automatically measure your child's progress, giving you the peace of mind that everything is fine or raising red flags as early as possible.
  • Get a simple, clear, graphic snapshot of your child's development progress at any time.

Focus on Your
Specific needs

Want to provide extra support for speech, get ideas for beach activities, or encourage efforts to learn to crawl?

You can browse our activities by category, place, or milestones. Whatever your needs we have an activity for it.

Is your baby premature?

BabySparks calculates her adjusted age and adapts its suggested activities accordingly.

What our users are saying
“As a Father of 4 children, I have found this app to an indispensable tool in enriching my children’s development. I have seen firsthand the many benefits and improvements my children have experienced as a result of using this app. It is very easy to use, covers very important areas of their development and incorporates a wide variety of activities, and all the while I am bonding with my child. This app is an absolute MUST for every parent!”
Amazing Development App for Babies!!
JFMF4 – Jan 2, 2019 - United States
“I began using BabySparks just to have some fun activities to do with my baby. But it is so much more. It has taught me so much about my little one’s development and how to support it that I know recommend it to all my friends. I love that each activity has a video. It is very helpful to help me understand how to do the activity. For all the research, content that this app offers and the impact that it is having in my baby I feel like this is the best money that I have paid in a long while.”
Best money I’ve spent for my child
JanineCh – Dec 16, 2018 - United States
“This app helped me and my family survive the first year - I didn’t know anything about what activities to do with a baby to encourage development. This app made it so much easier for a sleep deprived mom to stay on track with helpful activities for my little one. The daily exercises (like the bicycle) got her strength up quicker than others her age and by the time she was going to daycare she was even ahead a little in her milestones. WORTH the price of the subscription. I just wish it went past 2 years because I’m struggling to find something as good as this.”
Sooo worth it!
Nekussa – Nov 27, 2018 - Canada
“As a stay at home mom of a 5 month old and a 2 1/2 year old, this app helps add fun and learning into our days. It also makes me feel like I am able to bond with each of my girls individually where they are at developmentally. I love that you can mark your favorite activities or tell the app when an activity is either too easy or to difficult for your child. If you mark an activity as being too easy it will take it out of the rotation. If you mark an activity as too difficult it will add it back into the rotation in 3 weeks. As a sleep deprived, busy mom who also wants to engage with her children, this app does all the thinking for me. When we have some free time all I have to do is go to today’s program and there is a list of fun, amazing ways to use that time while also fostering growth and development. I also love how it breaks down each activity into categories of Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Cognitive, Speech, Self Care and Social/Emotional activities. Keep up the great work BabySparks!”
I love this app!
Gamergrl0007 – May 18, 2018 - United States
“This app is SAVING me! I am a new mom of a 20 month old precious little girl. I don’t have any family around, have to work full time and want to teach her everything there is to learn. Baby Sparks has been my little bible of ideas for all of her needs. I get so excited every day/week to read what’s next and try new things with my toddler. She’s becoming so smart and able to handle new tasks every day. Every parent should have this and anyone who interacts with children. It’s unlike any learning app I’ve seen. THANK YOU for creating this gem!”
BabyTeagan – Apr 15, 2018 - Canada
“I’m a first time mom of a 2.5 month old. Now that he’s awake for longer periods in the day, we were feeling a bit unsure of what to do with him to make sure he’s stimulated, learning, having fun, and bonding with us. This app is seriously worth every penny and we’ve so enjoyed spending time with him using the activities suggested. There is a good mix of different kinds of activities and every day is different. The videos and instructions are clear and easy to follow, and the milestones are useful. All in all a great app!”
Awesome, especially for first time parents!
africanstardust – Mar 22, 2018 - United States
“This program is AMAZING! This is my third child and I never knew how to “play” with my older children when they were newborns. This program provides so many great activities that really help with her development. My daughter rolled over at 3 months 4 days and I believe a big part of the success was due to the daily activities. I notice improvement in skills immediately after they are introduced.”
A must have!
Jdreast – Jan 7, 2018 - United States
“Absolutely love this app. Helps me get the most out of our play time together. Plus the activities are fun and simple, which makes them easy to do after diaper changes or before feedings. That way she is constantly being challenged throughout the day. plus you can easily incorporate things around the house to use for the activities. One activity was feeling different textures of fabric. So I handed her different pieces of laundry as I folded it. Easy right?! Totally recommend paying the small amount to get the full version, which unlocks all the activities. It was definitely worth the money. She has progressed so much in the short span of time using it! Absolutely love it 😍”
123456789mad98654321 – Nov 1, 2015 - United States
“Comprehensive, well presented and very much worth the money. Wish I had had this app for our first child - exercises are simple and well demonstrated with clear instructions and excellent videos. I highly recommend this to all parents. You won't regret it. If I could give it ten stars, I would.”
Buy this app now!
Kylie M B – Mar 10, 2016 - Australia
“This is an amazing tool for you and baby- I never write reviews, and I don't buy apps, but I am so glad I purchased this app. As a first time mom, when my baby started waking up and showing interest in batting at toys at 8 weeks, I was at a loss on what else to do. This app gives us so many tools and ideas, we love it! I'm getting so many smiles and seeing so much progress every day. Hope you love it as much as I do!”
Buy this app for your baby!
Jule36ace – Mar 22, 2016 - United States
“BabySparks has been a win-win for our family. Not only does our son get the chance to grow physically and mentally with the age/growth appropriate activities, but we (the parents) have something we get to look forward to doing every day to bond and see his growth. As a business professional used to being busy and on the go all of the time, I was quite nervous for a 12 week maternity in the middle of winter. BabySparks has been a blessing! It is fun for all and gives our family something to do together every day! Also, seeing our sons growth process has been fascinating and cool to share with family and friends. I definitely recommend this to moms and moms-to-be.”
A Win Win
AppAddict4Life – Feb 7, 2017 - United States
“I use this app every single day! It's so easy to open it up and do a few or all of the suggested activities each day. Love the direction it provides! So much easier than carrying around a book. Worth the money!”
Well used!
lksinn – Jan 18, 2017 - United States
“I wish I had this with my first child, but I am so happy that I found it with my second! We use it everyday.. so many activities to help different areas of your child’s development. Worth the purchase!”
basedparis – Jan 10, 2019 - United States
“Not only is early stimulation important for development, but this app shows you how to make it fun too!”
Awesome app!
AMoreno-MIA – Aug 29, 2014 - United States
“This is hands-down the most comprehensive developmental app I’ve seen and used. I’m so glad I found it and have started using immediately with my 2 month old.”
Smrk418 – Jun 12, 2018 - United States
“Been using this app since my Son was 3 weeks old, he is now 18months and still using BabySparks everyday and the results speak for themselves!”
Fantastic App
Meliska333 – Jan 1, 2018 - South Africa
“This app is wonderful! It's so detailed and has so much information. I was constantly trying to figure out new things to do with my 9 month old who's easily bored but I don't think I'll ever have that problem again now that I have this app!”
So awesome!!
Sadiekitten – Dec 5, 2017 - United States
“I was looking for something to do with my 5 months old baby boy when I came across this app It is absolutely BRILLIANT! Tells you exactly what to do and how to play to challenge your little one to help him develop on every level I absolutely LOVE IT!”
I love this app!
MGDS80 – Dec 3, 2017 - UK
“Definitely helps us first time parents on the right track to HOW to play with our baby. We didn't know what we were doing 😀”
Great app
Irate solitare player – May 25, 2017 - United States

A Sneak Peek of

Exposure to Different Textures

  • Image
    Sensory (0 – 3 Months)

Rolling – II

  • Image
    Gross Motor (4 – 6 Months)

Object Permanence IV

  • Image
    Cognitive (7 – 9 Months)

Fishing in the bathtub

  • Image
    Fine Motor (10 – 12 Months)

The Shape of My Body

  • Image
    Cognitive (13 – 15 Months)


  • Image
    Fine Motor (16 – 18 Months)

Hitting a target – II

  • Image
    Fine Motor (19 – 21 Months)

Jumping Like the Animals

  • Image
    Gross Motor (22 – 24 Months)

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