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Early stimulation is the result of exposing babies and toddlers to any activity that contributes to boosting development.

Environment and daily living provides a lot of this stimulation, but just as a exercising or learning a new language can improve physical or cognitive skills, early stimulation can help improve many areas of a child's natural development. The more that parents can do at the beginning of a baby's life, the greater the benefits.

Early stimulation activities can be classified in many ways. One way to group them is based on the area of development on which they have the most impact. Following this approach, BabySparks activities are divided into:

Gross Motor

Major movement and mobility. Rolling, crawling, walking

Fine Motor

Dexterity and ability to manipulate with the fingers


Processing and understanding of information


Understanding of what is being said and the ability to articulate sounds and words


Processing and exposure of all senses (auditory, tactile, visual, etc) to a broad range of inputs

Self Care

Skills required to become more independent (Self-feeding, getting dressed/undressed, etc)

Social - Emotional

Ability to interact with others to play, share, etc

Between birth and age five, the brain is developing extremely rapidly and is also determining which connections to keep and which to eliminate. Repeated use makes connections stronger, while inactive connections become weaker or disappear.

Therefore, early stimulation is based on the premise that a consistent reinforcement of a broad range of positive experiences will help boost your child's development during the first years of life.


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