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29 Aug

To say we are excited is an understatement.  As of 4:22am EDT, the BabySparks app is live in the App Store.

The app is just the first step in the goal to bring parents the tools they need to help boost their babies' development.  We are wholeheartedly committed to helping every parent help every baby reach their full potential.

The app itself is free, so anyone with an iPhone can download it today and check it out. To get the full benefits, you will want to get one of the activity packages, but you can get a subset of the content with the free app.

In it you will find a playbook with everything you need to understand how to play with your baby for maximum benefit. Here are a few highlights of what is in the first version of the app (available for babies 0 - 12 months old)

  • Hundreds of Development-Boosting Activities: Each activity only takes a few minutes and helps parents stimulate a particular area of development (i.e., gross motor or sensory)
  • Baby-Specific Daily Program: Just like you might have a set of exercises you do at the gym with your personal trainer, BabySparks has a set of 9 - 13 activities each day that parents can do with their babies (each one is pretty quick - so they can be done all together or throughout the day)
  • Activities Based on Specific Need or Focus: Parents can identify activities by a specific development category (i.e., fine motor or speech), by a location type (at the park or at social gatherings), or by individual milestone (i.e., sitting or crawling)
  • Simple on the Outside, Intelligent on the Inside: Those of us juggling babies don't have the time (or dexterity while literally juggling babies) to learn a complicated app - BabySparks is intuitive and simple to use; but the app is smart - as parents do activities with their babies, the app adjusts to offer the most appropriate activities for that individual baby

The team at BabySparks includes child development experts that have been working with babies for decades; through their books, research, and practical experience, they have helped hundreds of thousands of babies in multiple countries. In addition, the entire team at BabySparks is comprised of parents - so we have walked the walk when it comes to early stimulation and baby development. 

Please download the BabySparks app and let us know what you think. And get started boosting your baby's development today.


20 Aug

babysparksscreenshot1We just found out that our pre-launch version of the first BabySparks iPhone app was approved by the Apple team - which is incredibly exciting news for us. We are working behind the scenes to make a few final tweaks, and then we will be ready to officially release the BabySparks app (next week, we hope).

BabySparks has been percolating for years and we are so excited that we are finally able to get a powerful tool into the hands of parents who are wondering, "What can I do to help my baby's development?"

When I had my first son, I wasn't certain about all of the things I was supposed to be doing to help his progress. There was tummy time, visual stimulation, and general play - all of which was important. But I was missing the playbook to consistently give him a wide range of development-boosting activities.

And that's what BabySparks is - a playbook that helps parents and caregivers become their baby's development coach. We found top baby development experts (some literally wrote the book on infant stimulation) and combined decades of collective wisdom with a super simple technology interface. With hundreds of activities, key development and milestone information, and a customized program of simple daily activities (really, it's just playing), BabySparks gives parents an all-in-one solution for development. 

The first app is for parents of babies 0 - 12 months, but we will release one for older babies soon. More details when we go live next week. But we are incredibly excited that the app will be in the hands of parents. 

Want to know when we launch? Give us your email address on our Contact Us page or Like Us on Facebook.



07 Nov

We're still working actively on our upcoming product launch (January 2014), but we are so excited about what we are building that we are offering a sneak peek this Saturday morning at Play-in Miami. 

If you are a Miami parent of a baby or toddler (0 - 2 years old) and want to come join us for a discussion about early childhood development, get some tips on how to stimulate your child through activities and play, and see a preview version of our new products - please join us!

We will be at:

Play-in Miami
Saturday November 9th
10:00 - 12:30pm
2501 NW 2nd Ave


Additional Details here

If you can't make it but still want to learn more about what we are doing, please visit our Facebook page or leave us your email so that we can update you when the products launch.